Valerio Verbano Portrayed By Jorit, A Memory Of Years Of Lead In Rome – Italy

Valerio Verbano portrayed by Jorit, a memory of years of lead in Rome

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The mural of the face of Valerio Verbano

In via delle Isole Curzolane in the Tufello area in the Monte Sacro district in Rome , the Neapolitan artist Jorit has splendidly portrayed the face of Valerio Verbano. Thus Jorit recalled one of the most mysterious murders of the years of lead in the history, which led to the death of a 19-year-old left-wing activist, militant of workers’ autonomy.

Valerio 2

the murder of Valerio Verbano

On February 22 1980, three men showed up in the apartment on Via Monte Bianco, telling Valerio’s parents that they were his friends. After the parents opened the door, they were locked in the bedroom, having been bound and gagged. Valerio returned from school and a fight broke out. Thanks to his martial arts skills, the young man disarmed an assailant and attempted to escape from the window. But he was killed by a cowardly gunshot fired in the back.

Valerio Verbano
Valerio Verbano

Until today we still do not know the culprit. The truth seems to remain covered by a patina of silence, despite the fact that the fascist matrix of the murder is clear. Probably involved are the Revolutionary Armed Nuclei (NAR), ruthless terrorists who have carried out some excellent murders in the capital.

03 5

the motive for the murder

The motive for the murder seems to be linked to the Verbano dossier. In April 1979, Valerio Verbano was sentenced to seven months in prison for manufacturing explosive material. During some search, the police found numerous documentation on the activities of the fascist groups in the area. The documents soon disappeared, only to re-emerge from the archives of the carabinieri in 2011.

Valerio 3

Fearing a coup d’état, as in Chile or Argentina, Valerio and his friends had documented the activities of the young fascists who moved between the districts of Monte Sacro, Trieste and Talenti, where the NARs were rampant. A real filing of that environment, accompanied by photographs and newspaper articles. Judge Mario Amato appears to have come into possession of the dossier before being killed by NARs in June 1980.

Carla, Valerio’s mother, always sought the truth until her death in 2012. To do this, she started the blog

Written by Enrico, Translated by Hua and Photo from Hua

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