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22 Rome Travel Tips – Helpful frequently asked questions (FAQ)

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The article provides useful Rome travel tips about tickets, transportation, weather, toilet, and other helpful information.


Where can I book Vatican Museum tickets?

You can either go to the official website of Vatican Museum to book the tickets. Or you can book tickets through travel agencies or online ticket agencies.

Note: Vatican Museum tickets are released 60 days in advance, so you can book your tickets in advance to avoid the long queue.

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How to book Vatican Museum tickets on line by myself?

  • 1 You can visit the official website of Vatican Museum.
  • 2 select “English” language on the top right corner.
  • 3 From the “Book your visit” form, enter the information, then follow the steps of the booking.

Note: Sometimes tickets on offical website can sell out in high season, so you need to book trough travel agencies or online ticket agencies in this case.

What are the prices and types of the Vatican Museum tickets?

The general ticket of Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel: € 22 = Full price ticket (€ 17.00 + on line booking fee € 5.00)

For more information of different ticket prices, you can visit the official website of Vatican Museum.

On which days is the Vatican Museum open, closed, and free to enter?

You can check the opening and closing times, as well as information about free entry, on this Calendar link on the official website of the Vatican Museums.

Where can I book Colosseum tickets?

You can visit the official Colosseum website to view information about opening times and purchase tickets.

Days of Free entrance to the Colosseum can be checked from the link here.

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Information about the opening and tickets for the Pantheon?

The Pantheon used to be free in the past. But starting from July 3rd, 2023, a ticket is required for entering the Pantheon. Information about the opening and tickets can be found on the official Pantheon website.


Is it better to travel in Rome by foot or use public transportation?

In Rome, the historical center is good for traveling by foot because there are so many interesting things to see along the way. It’s like visiting an open-air museum when walking around in the historical center

Which form of public transportation is convenient to use when traveling in Rome?

When you need to move long distance, metro is the best option. Because it’s punctual, fast, and can avoid traffic jams. The bus is not a good option because buses in Rome can be unreliable and get stuck in traffic jams.

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Where to buy bus and metro tickets?

A bus or metro ticket is called a Metrebus ticket, which is the same for both. You can use a Metrebus ticket to board either a bus or the metro. These tickets are available for purchasing at metro stations or Tabaccheria shops.  

rome ticket metrebus metro bus

Tabaccheria shops are located everywhere in Rome, they are not only for cigarettes, tobacco, chewing gum but also for lotteries, Metrebus tickets, other type of tickets such as daily tickets, monthly tickets, etc. To find Tabaccheria shops, you can look for the white sign “T” on a blue background on the streets.

rome tabaccheria tabaccaio tobacco shop

Is it a good choice to rent a car and drive in Rome?

Maybe not. Rome has a lot of ZTL zones, which are areas that normal cars cannot enter. It’s very easy to get fines if you are not familiar with ZTL in Rome.  Furthermore, it’s difficulty to find parking in Rome near the center, sometimes it’s also not easy to find parking, even outside of the center of Rome. Traffic jam is another reason to not choose to drive in Rome because a lot of time can be wasted on the way.

I want to travel to other main cities in Italy from Rome. Which transportation method is good to use?

Train is a very good option to travel between cities in Italy. If you travel to other main cities including Florence, Milan, Napoli from Rome, the high-speed train is a very good option because it can save you a lot of time, and you can even get a good offer if you book in advance. Of course, you can also choose other types of trains if you don’t mind spending more time on the way. More information can be found at How To Travel By Train In Italy.

How To Get From Fiumicino Airport (FCO) To Rome City Center?

You can click this article about Getting from Fiumicino Airport to Rome City Center to access useful information about getting from Fiumicino Airport to Rome City Center.

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How To Get From Ciampino Airport To Rome City Center?

You can check the article about Getting from Ciampino Airport to Rome City Center for helpful information.

Weather and Clothes

How to Travel in Rome During Rainy Weather?

First of all, when it’s raining, it can be humid and cold, so it’s better to wear more clothes. Secondly, you can use an umbrella, wear a parka as a raincoat, and wear waterproof shoes. In this way, you won’t get wet easily compared to just holding an umbrella.

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Where can I buy an umbrella during rainy weather if I didn’t bring one with me?

During rainy weather, you can find umbrella vending machines in some big underground parking areas, i.e. the underground parking in villa borghese. You can find some people selling umbrellas on the street near tourist areas or at the entrance of the metro.

rome umbrella machine parking lot

Is the sun very strong in summer in Rome?

The Mediterranean sun is quite strong, so it’s better to apply sunscreen and wear a hat to prevent sunburn.

Is it very hot in Summer in Rome?

Yes, it is. Rome is quite hot in the summer, especially if you are from a northern climate. You may suffer from the heat. Some people need to try to stay in the shade or under air conditioning during breaks and meals to cool down and continue their trip.

What kind of shoes are good to wear while traveling in Rome?

There are many uneven and stone roads in Rome, so it’s better to wear comfortable shoes for walking during your trip.

Do I need to cover my shoulders to enter churches in Rome?

Not every church has the same requirements. However, it’s still better to cover your shoulders, even though many churches do not check. It would be a pity if a church doesn’t let you enter because you’re not covering your shoulders. It would be good to have a very light jacket or scarf with you during the trip. You can use it not only for churches but also for dealing with strong air conditioning in the summer, temperature variations during the day, etc..


Are there many mosquitoes in Rome? What should I do about them?

If you are attractive to mosquitoes, you will notice that there are a lot of mosquitoes in Rome. You can buy anti-mosquito spray from a local pharmacy to use during your trip. If you are especially attractive to mosquitoes, it’s better to wear long trousers and long-sleeved clothes to prevent being bitten by mosquitoes.


Where can I find a toilet to use during my trip in Rome?

There are few public toilets, and you won’t find them easily. The best way is to go to a bar, have a cup of coffee or buy a bottle of water, and then use their toilet. Bars in Rome often serve as paid toilets. Even you are lucky to find a public toilet, usually it is charged around 1 euro (a similar cost to a cup of coffee).

When and how to drink Coffee and cappuccino?

Cappuccino and cornetto are a perfect combination for an Italian breakfast. Italians usually only drink cappuccino in the morning because it’s considered unusual for them to have cappuccino in the afternoon or in the evening.

rome coffee drink cup table

Additional table service charges apply if you sit to drink coffee, so Italians usually drink coffee while standing. Italians can drink coffee during the whole day, because it’s always the right time for them to drink coffee. They just cannot drink too much; otherwise, their blood pressure will be too high.

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