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Ponte Vittorio Emanuele II In Rome

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The Ponte Vittorio Emanuele II is so beautiful thanks to its combination of exquisite sculptures, wonderful location, natural environment and historical value.

Where is the Ponte Vittorio Emanuele II?

There are many neoclassical statues on the streets of Rome that represent the art, architecture and history of Rome. Walking through the center of Rome, a must-see is Ponte Vittorio Emanuele II.

rome ponte vittorio militar value

The bridge itself is very distinctive, and its unique location makes it even more attractive. This bridge sits over the Tiber River and connects the Vatican area to the center of Rome.

ponte vittorio emanuele ii map

Since the bridge is very close to Castel Sant’Angelo, you can enjoy the beautiful view of Castel Sant’Angelo from the bridge.

rome castel angelo young seagull

The statues on the bridge and the perfect shape of Castel Sant’Angelo seem to be integrated into one from a distance, like a beautiful painting.

rome militar value castel angelo

Many seagulls are often near the bridge, flying back and forth and landing on the statues, creating a unique blend of animals and art.

rome ponte vittorio monument bird

The Ponte Vittorio Emanuele II

The bridge is 110 meters long and 20 meters wide. On the bridge there are four main monuments made of marble, two on each side.

rome ponte vittorio wing victory
rome victory sculpture monument seagull

Plus, there are four sculptures of winged victories where the bridge connects with the streets.

rome ponte vittorio castel angelo
rome ponte vittorio seagull people

The four main marble monuments on the bridge represent the virtues of king Vittorio Emanuele II after some historical events. Travelers can see:

rome loyalty statute monument marble

1. “La fedeltà allo Statuto” (The loyalty to the constitution) which represents that the king decided to be loyal to the constitution and keep the liberal democracy after the military defeat in Novara in 1849;

rome militar value monument seagull

2. “Il valore militare” (The military values), which represents his military skills after the victory in the battle of San Martino during the second Italian war of independence in 1859;

rome monument political triumph seagull

3. “Il trionfo politico” (The political triumph), which represents the proclamation of the Italian kingdom in 1861;

rome ponte vittorio father nation

4. “Il padre della patria” (Father of the Nation), which represents king Vittorio Emanuele II during the Rome flood in 1870.

rome ponte vittorio victory monument

A special committee judged all the drafts of these sculptures. The famous sculptor and leader of Freemasonry, Ettore Ferrari, led the committee.

rome bridge monument loyalty statute

Ettore Ferrari is famous because he designed the Giordano Bruno Sculpture in Campo de’ Fiori . He completed the monument of Vittorio Emanuele II in piazza Duomo in Milano and he placed an inscription under the Garibaldi monument on Janiculum hill.

rome ponte vittorio seagull sculpture

The statues on the bridge are highly intricate, featuring numerous details and portraying groups of characters. To fully appreciate them, take your time to stand in front of each statue. This is a bridge that merits multiple visits.

rome ponte vittorio father king

Three masonry arches support the bridge. Watching a cruise ship slowly pass through these arches on a rainy day can be quite relaxing.

rome ponte vittorio river italy

What else you can see from the bridge?

From Ponte Vittorio Emanuele II, you can also admire other nearby bridges such as Ponte Principe Amedeo Savoia Aosta, which also has three arches under the bridge.

rome vittorio castel sant angelo
rome bridge principe amedeo aosta
rome ponte principe amedeo aosta people
rome ponte principe amedeo aosta

The white marbles that cover the bridge are shining under sunny weather. There are some tents under the bridge where some homeless people live.

rome ponte vittorio under bridge

On the Ponte Vittorio Emanuele II, you can also see another bridge Ponte Sant’Angelo, which is an ancient bridge that only allows walking.

rome ponte sant angelo tiber

The Ponte Sant’Angelo was built in 134 and has stood there for almost two thousand years.

rome dock tiber castel angelo

Furthermore, you can also see the bicycle road curving along the riverbank.

rome ponte vittorio river dock

To honor King Vittorio Emanuele II, who became the king of Italy through plebiscites by the new Parliament in 1861 after Italy’s unification, the bridge was named after him.

rome militar value seagull head

The bridge was designed by the architect Ennio De Rossi and was inaugurated twice, first in 1911 and then in 1912. 1911 is the 50th anniversary of Italian unification, therefore, the bridge also represents the unification of Italy.

rome ponte vittorio militar monuments
rome ponte vittorio loyalty statute

The statues on the bridge are lifelike, and there are many tourists. The river flows slowly under the bridge, and cruise ships pass by from time to time. Seagulls circle in the sky, and the sky, earth, people, animals, and rivers merge into one.

rome ponte vittorio political triumph
rome ponte vittorio victory leaves

The statue shows history in front of people’s eyes, and the various vehicles passing by on the bridge from time to time serve as a reminder of our modern life. This kind of intertwining of history and reality in time and space is a very strong feeling in the eternal city of Rome.

rome ponte vittorio decoration street

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