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Visiting Amazing Lavender Fields In Provence, France

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Lavender fields in Provence are unforgettable because during the lavender blooming season, a sea of purple flowers is formed, and tourists are intoxicated by the charming fragrance and romantic atmosphere of lavenders.

Why lavender fields in Provence is Famous?

The lavender fields in Provence are dreamlike in postcards and movies. For example, the famous movie with Australian actor Russell Crowe, directed by Ridley Scott (A good year, 2006) has shown the beauty of lavender fields. Particularly, the British writer Peter Mayle’s work “A Year in Provence” introduced the charm of Provence in southern France to the world.

provence france lavender fields valensole

Since the book became a best-seller, tourists have come to Provence for vacation in an endless stream. With the increase in international popularity and the development of the region’s booming tourism industry, Provence in southern France has become one of the most expensive regions in France.

lavender fields provence valensole france

Every year during the lavender blooming season, countless tourists go to the lavender fields to admire the endless purple lavender flowers.

Our trip to Provence

Book the trips

My husband and I also went to France during the lavender blooming season. At first, we planned to rent a car to go to the lavender fields by ourselves after arriving in France.

sunflower fields valensole france sky

But we found that there are many travel agencies online that provide 9-seater minivans with a driver to go to the lavender fields. We only need to reserve seats, which is convenient and economical, saving time and effort.

lavender fields valensole provence france

So, we decided not to rent a car by ourselves, but directly booked a one-day trip to Provence for two people online. We booked two trip: the first was a day trip that included Aix-En-provence and valensole. Then a half-day trip with Italian male driver.

The meeting point

When my husband and I arrived at the meeting point, we met two American tourists who were also waiting for the minivan. After discovering that we were here for the same purpose, the two of them were very excited and said that someone finally came and they had been afraid that they were waiting in the wrong place.

provence senanque abbey france mountain

As we will be on the same trip, the four of us started chatting actively. The more we chatted, the happier we became. The four of us happily waited to get in the same minivan and chat all the way.

aix en provence france street

As a result, two minivans suddenly showed up. When the two drivers called us with their lists, the four of us discovered that we were in two different minivans with different routes, and we had booked two completely different minivans from two different travel agencies.

lavender fields valensole france patten

It was just that the meeting time and location of the two travel agencies are the same, so we met by chance. Finally, the four of us said goodbye and went on our way.

Our trip to lavender fields

Our minivan driver was an Asian woman. Her driving skills were top-notch along the way, but she spoke very little. Apart from some necessary introductions, she had almost no other communication or conversation with anyone. There were 6 people in our minivan. Since the driver didn’t talk much, everyone seemed to have pressed the mute button and was generally silent.

valensole france clouds sky trees

The minivan was driving on the road to the lavender fields, and the lavender outside the minivan window flashed past my eyes piece by piece. My eyes were filled with purple, dreamy and charming.

lavender fields valensole france curve

When we encountered a place where lavender was very dense such as Valensole, we got off the minivan and walked on the lavender field.

lavender fields gordes provence butterfly

Lavender looks like patches from a distance, and bunches when seen up close. If you look closely, you can see each tiny petal. It is these tiny petals that form this spectacular purple sea of flowers.

valensole lavender fields france

The police

What’s funny is that there are sometimes a few police officers standing beside the lavender fields. It is said that it is because tourists were often robbed in the lavender fields some time ago, so the local government sent police to ensure the safety of tourists in order not to affect the local tourism industry.

sunflower fields valensole france lavender

The lavender oil

We also visited the place where lavender oil is made and bought a few small bottles of lavender oil. Lavender oil can be applied to the body to give it a scent, it can be applied to mosquito bites to relieve pain, and it can also be applied to areas with scars to reduce scars.

lavender fields gordes provence bee

What to see in Provence?

In addition to the lavender fields, there is much to see in Provence.

Aix en provence

Aix-en-Provence was founded by Ancient Romans in 123 BC.  Later Aix was conquered successively by Visigoths, Franks, Lombards, and Saracens in different times and it was finally in the hand of French in 1487.

aix en provence france church

Nowadays, Aix is a famous historical town worth visiting. The American writer Ernest Hemingway liked to spend holidays here.

aix en provence france fountain


Gordes was conquered by Ancient Romans. Later an abbey was built by monks in 8th century and a castle was built in 11 centuries. Gordes was a village anti German invasion actively during the World War Two.

gordes provence france mountain

After the war, Gordes became attractive to artists. Nowadays, Gordes is a charming sightseeing place for tourists.


Valensole is the birth place of French naval officer Pierre-Charles Villeneuve. Besides the town is attractive to tourist, the lavender fields in Valensole is particularly attractive to tourists because this area is considered as one of the best place to see lavenders.

provence lavender fields valensole france

In 1965, a peasant claimed that he has seen UFO and aliens. The vivid story adds to Valensole’s mystery.

provence valensole france mural street

My husband discovered this story thanks to a huge mural in the center of Valensole. The next day, he asked about it to our Italian driver and he told my husband that he didn’t know the story. The driver thought that the peasant who saw the alien drank too much heavy alcohol the night before.

lavender fields valensole france landscape

Sénanque Abbey

The Sénanque Abbey is surrounded by lavender field and it is a very charming place to get a perfect postcard photo. At first, Sénanque Abbey was built in the 12 centuries. Later Sénanque developed to its best times in the 13 and 14 centuries by controlling a large area.

provence abbaye de senanque france

Later Sénanque has been partially ruined in the 16 century and was repurchased in the 19 centuries. Nowadays, the Sénanque Abbey and its beautiful surrounds attract all tourists around the world. 

Mount Ventoux

Mount Ventoux is 1,910 meters high and it is famous because of the Tour de France cycling race. The cyclists deeply suffer this mountain because it is placed in a very arid environment, without any vegetation on top. That’s why its nickname is bald mountain.

mount ventoux lavender fields france

Ventoux means “windy” in French, the mountain is windy during most of the time of the year. Sometimes the road is closed due to the strong wind. When we were in the lavender field, we can see the mountain from faraway.

lavender fields valensole france flowers

The Italian driver told us that once a tourist booked him and his van for a free tour in Provence. The tourist just asked him to drive along the road of Mount Ventoux and record the whole street with his video camera.

Lavender museum in Luberon

Lavender museum in Luberon provides opportunities to acquire more knowledge about the Lavender. For example, knowing the varieties of lavenders, growing conditions, extracting essential oil, and how the techniques relate to Lavenders developed.

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