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Bobby Sands
IRA volunteer Bobby Sands portrayed by Jorit in Tufello in Rome
The Neapolitan artist Jorit painted a mural in Rome dedicated to the IRA volunteer Bobby Sands, a hero for Irish people.
Valerio Verbano Portrayed By Jorit, A Memory Of Years Of Lead In Rome – Italy
Valerio Verbano portrayed by Jorit, a memory of years of lead in Rome
The Neapolitan artist Jorit recalls the murder of Valerio Verbano, a nineteen-year-old young leftist killed in his home on February 22, 1980.
Pescara people on Ponte del Mare
Ennio Flaiano's hometown Pescara in Italy
Pescara was once called Aternum, a city founded by the Vestini who were subordinated by the Romans. In the year 1000, the town was renamed as Piscaria.
Centocelle Archaeological Park in Rome - Italy
Centocelle Archaeological Park in Rome - Italy
Centocelle archaeological park is a green area with many lives. It was a citadel built by the Emperor Constantine then became the first italian airport.
hay bales Fonte Nuova countryside Lazio
Rome Countryside - Guidonia Montecelio, Mentana and Fonte Nuova
A day trip outside the city of Rome, a little adventure in the difficult roads that surround the delightful countryside of Mentana.
main street Fosso Bravetta garden Rome
Garden Fosso Bravetta in Rome - Italy
Garden Fosso Bravetta is an excellent example that public spaces are self-managed by citizens to make up for shortcomings of institutions.