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How To Tell If Jadeite Is Real?

The article talks about history of jade and how to distinguish real jadeite from fake ones. The difference between albite and jadeite is also analyzed.

Snow Town China ice sun

Snow Town In China

Travel to the charming snow town in northern China to experience the beauty and romance of winter. In addition to the legendary freezing ground, there are also wonders, entertainment and endless joy in the snow.

Lavender fields Gordes Provence France

Visiting Amazing Lavender Fields In Provence, France

Lavender fields in Provence are unforgettable because during the lavender blooming season, a sea of purple flowers is formed, and tourists are intoxicated by the charming fragrance and romantic atmosphere of lavenders.

Vienna Gloriette Schonbrunn Palace Austria

17 Best Things To Do In Vienna

The article provides information about best things to do in Vienna. Many interesting points about attractions are mentioned.

Terracotta Army Xian China

14 Best Things To Do In Xi’an + Local Food

Discover best things to do in Xi’an and find out interesting local food to enjoy. Information about trains and how many days for visiting is also provided.