Our story

Who we are?

I am Hua and I am a traveler who has visited more than 400 cities/towns/villages in 30 countries in 4 continents.

Furthermore, I have been a nationally  licensed tourist guide since the first year of my undergraduate studies. Besides worked in technology companies and schools, I also worked as a travel consultant to design itineraries and operate tours in travel agencies in different countries.  

I am also a photographer who has published photos on line on BBC, National Geographic and Pulitzer Center etc. More information can be seen in the Photo Gallery.

My husband Enrico is also a traveler who has visited more than 500 cities/towns/villages in 40 countries in 3 continents. Out of work time, he likes  spending his time on trips and writing. 

We hope that our travel experiences will inspire you and your travel experiences will also inspire us.

H & E


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Explore the world together.